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What The Opposite Sex Sees In You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

When you're around, the opposite sex is constantly upbeat and adores your cheerfulness.


You enjoy romance, and the other sex is undoubtedly drawn to your tender side.


They find it adorable and endearing despite the fact that you often feel uneasy around people of the opposite sex.


Even if you have a tendency to become highly emotional, the other sex does not find this repulsive and really finds it to be refreshing.


The opposite sex is immediately attracted to your cheerful personality and can’t help but be in awe by you.


Even when they give you a cause to, you never give up on people, and you work incredibly hard.


The other sex is taken aback by your brilliant banter and thought-provoking chats, and they can't help but fall in love with you the moment they meet you.


When the other sex first meets you, they might be surprised, but they'll come to appreciate how charming and considerate you are.


You have a way about you that not a lot of people can put their finger on, but the opposite sex loves how open and honest you are.


They adore the fact that you prioritise your family and constantly consider starting a family with them in the future.


The other sex appreciates your spontaneity and always knows they can have fun with you.



You are so kind and charming, that they can’t imagine how anyone could have let you go.