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White Frame Corner

The most romantic TV show moments for each zodiac sign (Last Six Signs) 

Chuck and Blair's wedding in "Gossip Girl" -  Libras love romance and this wedding was all about the opulence and glamour.


Buffy and Angel's first kiss in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - Scorpios love intensity and this kiss was full of raw emotion.


Ted and Tracy's wedding in "How I Met Your Mother" -  Sagittarius loves adventure and this wedding was a journey to get to.


Liz and Jack's kiss in "30 Rock" -  Capricorns appreciate success and this kiss happened when they both achieved their goals.


Clarke and Lexa's kiss in "The 100" -  Aquarians love the unconventional and this kiss between two female characters was groundbreaking.



Cory and Topanga's wedding in "Boy Meets World" -  Pisces love nostalgia and this wedding was a throwback to childhood romance.