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Notch Up Your Fashion Game According To Your Zodiac

Your personality is all about being bold, ambitious, and adventurous, and your dress reflects that.  You prefer to maintain your style modern and enjoyable, while also making it noticeable.


Your style is all on being light and airy.  You prefer to wear clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.


Unafraid to experiment with new trends.  Your style is full of colour, quirkiness, and fun, and you wear every outfit with confidence.


You prefer to keep it old school, with a vintage touch to your clothing, which complements your personality perfectly.


You want to make your fashion selections strong and assertive, much like your personality.  Your sartorial choices make a strong statement.


Your wearing style exudes practicality, versatility, and elegance.  You prefer to keep things basic but elegant.


Your fashion sense is feminine and sophisticated.  You like to express yourself through your clothing choices.


Your personality is defined by your daring and courageous fashion choices.  You're not scared to experiment with new trends and fashions.


You prefer to be both stylish and comfy, thus the majority of your choices are quite practical and travel-friendly.


Every style of yours draws attention. You make a bold statement with every outfit you wear.


It's all about being creative and free with your wardrobe.  Your personality is free-spirited, and your fashion reflects that.



You dress for the occasion and your mood, and as a result, you prioritise comfort when clothing.