How to Look Better Subtly

Good posture:  Stand tall, shoulders back, head up. Confidence and attractiveness come from good posture.

proper hygiene:  It may seem apparent, but proper hygiene may make you more appealing. Shower frequently and take care of your teeth, hair, and skin.

Dress smartly:  Dressing nicely may enhance your appearance. Wear well-fitting, clean, and acceptable attire.


Smile Smiling makes you more accessible. Even if you don't want to, smile frequently.

Eye contact:  Making eye contact with someone displays attention and makes you more appealing. Just don't look.

Be confident:  Confidence is appealing, therefore behave and engage with people with confidence.

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Be a good listener:  Listening carefully may make people feel valued and important, making you more appealing.

Effective communication  builds connections and makes you more desirable. Be a skilled conversationalist and speak clearly.