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How to Dress and Undress a Baby

You'll feel more comfortable and the process will go more smoothly as you dress and undress your infant more frequently.

Handle your baby carefully and gently

Avoid twisting or moving your baby too quickly to avoid overextending his arms or legs or putting him in any uncomfortable positions.

Remove clothes with care

Any shirt's neck should be comfy, and the legs should be long enough for him to extend his legs.

Choose the correct size clothes

Make sure that any buttons or decorations on your baby's garments are properly sewed so that she cannot remove them.

Make sure your baby's clothes are safe

Dress your infant in as many layers as you are, with an extra layer on hand in case your baby gets cold.

Choose layers when dressing your little one

Lay a blanket down to cushion the surface.

Place your baby on a safe, flat surface