Historic German Dog Breeds

Schnauzers,This breed has worked on family farms as ratters, herders, protectors, and hunters due to its intelligence.

Despite its name, the American Eskimo was bred from the Nordic German Spitz. Family-friendly and adaptable, the breed. 

Dachshunds, meaning "badger dog," are 600-year-old German breeds. These brave, friendly badger hunters make terrific pets.

This rare breed is a Wolf Spitz-Chow Chow-Samoyed mix. Despite its fluffy appearance, the breed is calm, confident, and kid-friendly.

Pomeranians are snappy and bold. Pomerania—now Poland and Western Germany—is where the breed originated.

This strong, loyal breed is descended from Roman legion mastiffs. 

This friendly German gun dog was originally intended to hunt bears and mountain lions. 

Great Danes are loyal. The breed is kind, especially with youngsters

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