Cooking with Spinach: Some Recommendations

Creamy spinach Creamed spinach sounds awful but tastes excellent. It's basically spinach, butter, cream, and three kinds of cheese. Dinner Then Dessert's recipe can imitate Morton's Steakhouse's.

Creamy chicken spinach pasta Snappy Gourmet's alfredo-sauced penne pasta, spinach, and skillet-cooked chicken is irresistible. The complete dinner requires just seven ingredients!

Sausage-creamy tomato pasta This dish's powerful rigatoni, creamy tomato sauce, and substantial sausage complement spinach's supporting role. Still, spinach is significant. Joyous Apron needs two full glasses!

Green smoothie Pineapple, banana, and mango make green smoothies taste great. Simple Green Smoothies can teach you how to create it, and you'll still receive all the advantages of this leafy green.

Wedding soup Italian wedding soup is our favorite. Italians struggle with hands down. Besides meatballs and spinach, it has acini de pepe (orzo) pasta. This Cooking Classy recipe elevates cooking.

Quiche There are many quiche types and ingredient combinations. Once Upon a Chef's rendition has French, Spanish, and spinach flavors.


Spanakopita Our favorite spinach recipe, this Greek dish wraps spinach, feta cheese, and garlic in phyllo dough and bakes it to perfection. Feel Good Foodie simplifies.

Spinach-artichoke dip Cauliflower makes this spinach and artichoke dip healthy. This Love & Lemons dish has a heaping scoop of cheddar cheese and half a cup of Greek yogurt!

Spinach gnocchi Spinach gnocchi from scratch is a wonderful challenge! Don't worry—Food With Feeling makes it easy. Choose any sauce for these gnocchi.

Spinach omelet Spinach is simple to add to omelets, and they taste wonderful! Adding greens to breakfast is easy.

Spinach quesadilla Quesadillas are easy—melt cheese between two flour tortillas, right? That’s too simple. Girl Heart Food's spinach quesadilla has 12 ingredients, but they're all worth it. Don't worry—just spinach, mozzarella, feta, and seasonings.

Spinach soup This spinach soup dish from The Spruce Eats combines half the spinach with the cooked soup to retain nutrients. The soup stays green and retains nutrition.

Spinach-stuffed salmon Non-meat eater? Want something tasty with omega-3s? Try Every Last Bite's delicious spinach-stuffed fish. Unlike the prior dish, spinach, mayo, garlic, and chili flakes provide creaminess.

Strawberry-spinach salad We love summer spinach salads with strawberries, which we'll eat year-round! This Craving Some Creativity salad has blue cheese crumbles, walnuts, cucumbers, and raspberry vinaigrette.