Best Dogs For Therapy

Labrador retriever Labrador Retrievers are intelligent, amiable, gregarious dogs who enjoy a work. They're trainable and friendly. They like to sit motionless, yet they enjoy playing games when permitted.

Golden retriever Golden Retrievers, another gun dog breed, adore humans and cuddling. Food too! Despite their size, they appreciate the weak and have large, soppy smiles. 

Bichon Frise The adorable Bichon Frise is a popular therapy dog. They're friendly, don't shed, and play without being wild. Their lengthy coats are also quite touchable.


Cavalier King Charles The American Kennel Club calls the Cavalier "one of Dogdom's noblemen," and we agree! Cavaliers adore people, especially youngsters!

Dachshunds Dachshunds have big hearts despite their charming appearance. They're inquisitive and loving, making them ideal companions.

Yorkie Yorkies are popular for a reason. The first therapy dog, Smoky, a Yorkie, visited injured World War II troops in hospitals. 

Malta Maltese, one of the oldest dog breeds, with luxurious coats and melting eyes. Therapy dogs are trainable, adaptive, and loving.

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Border Collie Border Collies are versatile. Smart and attention-seeking. Most therapy dogs adore praise and are bored if left alone, so they like the spotlight. 

Pug Since 400 BC, when they accompanied Chinese emperors, pugs have been terrific allies to humans. 

German Shepherds German Shepherds are ideal if you require a bigger dog for physical assistance. Police and homeland security like them since they're smart, trainable, and loyal.