Astrologers' Most Melodramatic Zodiac Sign

6 Libra Libra strives to treat everyone equally. When life is balanced, they flourish. Air signs might become unreasonable and emotional if they don't get such therapy.

5 Scorpio Scorpio's inner circle shows all aspects. Cool exterior, yet easily irritated by little issues.

If things go wrong, their passion might blur their perception. Scorpios are theatrical and frequently exaggerated.


4 Aquarius Sometimes Aquarius loses it. If irritated or angry, they may explode with drama.

They're weird and don't like society's norms, therefore they're hard to anger. They're disconnected, so if they're extra, it's about something essential.

3 Cancer Cancer resists change and insists on their way. They obsess about issues and attempt to cure everything, even if they can't.

Their mood swings provide drama—one minute they're OK, the next it's over. As their resentments and hurt build, they'll melodramatically turn the simplest mistake into a catastrophe.

2 Aries Aries must rule. They're the zodiac's first sign and always want to lead. They expect their directives to be followed.

Bossy and passionate, fire indications are disliked. They'll overreact to little issues and damage relationships.

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1 Leo Leo's dramatization is unmatched. They're overblown and adore attention. Schmidt believes they're over-the-top yet loveable.

These lions feel like kings while in the spotlight. However, . "They hate second place and are ungracious losers,"