7 Reasons Suits Is Dominating Netflix 4 Years After It Ended 

Suits' Pop Culture References Make It Fun

Mike and Harvey speak well, but pop culture references make them clever. They quote movies and assign case-specific roles. Although the duo does this most, the firm does too. Jessica says Top Gun, Rachel dances. Easter eggs enhance Suits.

Suits Has Great Romances

The non-lawyer Suits romances are great. Starting with Mike and Rachel, the series is about their relationship. However, becoming a couple is difficult. Donna and Harvey's slow romance is similar. Both date other people in Suits, making a reunion seem impossible. This improves the ending.

Suits Has Procedural Format Making It Easy To Watch

SVU and Grey's Anatomy last decades for a reason. Suits-like format. Harvey, Mike, Pearson, and Hardman accept weekly cases. The storylines span several episodes, but smaller cases are resolved in an hour. Pearson-Hardman's conflict makes Netflix binge-watching addictive. 

Meghan Markle's Rise To Fame Increases Interest In Suit

Markle was famous for playing Pearson, Hardman's paralegal Rachel, in Suits before becoming Duchess of Sussex. Her story includes her relationship with Mike, her complicated relationship with her father, Robert Zane, and her struggle to get into law school. She becomes more important to the series as the corporation values her. Rachel quits Suits after 7 seasons. 

Suits Primary Characters Are Interesting

Harvey may be Suits' true lead. As New York's best closer, he's getting more attention as a lawyer. The show also develops his personal life, including how his surroundings affect him. However, Suits handles other personal arcs well.

Suits Has Great Banter Among Its Character

A show with a great premise has limits. Great dialogue keeps Suits viewers engaged over multiple seasons. The show is about lawyers, so non-lawyers may find the jargon confusing. Suits has great character dialogue. Mike and Harvey's banter is great, but Donna also delivers. 

Suits Has A Unique And Fun Premise

Suits has a simple but intriguing premise. Mike Ross, a fleeing pot delivery man, makes Harvey reconsider hiring an associate. Meeting changes their lives forever. Mike's legal expertise, eidetic memory, and swagger make him Harvey's ideal mentee. Unfortunately, Pearson, Hardman only hired from Harvard Law, which Mike never attended. He never studied law. 

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