2024 NFL playoff weather: Dolphins at Chiefs could be the coldest game in history for both franchises 

In a historic clash, the 2024 NFL playoffs present a chilling prospect as the Dolphins face the Chiefs, with the potential to mark the coldest game in history for both franchises 

The frosty weather adds an extra layer of intensity to this playoff showdown, testing the resilience of players in subzero conditions. 

As the temperature plunges, the gridiron battle becomes a true test of grit and determination, 

with frozen breath hanging in the air as a testament to the bone-chilling encounter. 

Both teams brace for the unprecedented cold, knowing that this game could etch its name in the record books for its frigid temperatures.  

The icy conditions add an unpredictable element, making every play and tackle more challenging in this frosty spectacle. 

The Dolphins and Chiefs must adapt to the freezing environment, turning the cold into an ally or foe as they vie for victory in what could be a frozen chapter in their playoff history. 

The frozen backdrop sets the stage for a game destined to be etched into the memories of fans as a legendary cold-weather playoff classic. 

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