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10 ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable

Buy fewer clothes, choose timeless styles in good quality fabrics to reduce carbon cost.

Shop less, shop better

Shop second-hand or swap clothes to reduce waste. Upcycle or alter items to extend their lifespan.

Seek out alternatives to buying newurs

Consider renting a one-off outfit for a special event to save money and reduce environmental impact.

Rent for that special event

Online and in-store shopping both carry carbon costs. Reduce carbon costs by avoiding excessive in-store shopping and online returns.

Shop online or in-store — not both

Reduce carbon footprint: shop online wisely, bundle purchases, choose longer delivery times for fewer journeys & packaging.

If you shop online, consider longer delivery times

30% of wardrobes are unworn for a year. Donating, swapping, or selling clothes is eco-friendly and reduce waste.

Don't hoard clothes

Consider organic cotton and recycled synthetics for eco-friendly fashion. New developments include algae and food waste.

Choose more sustainable fabrics

Reduce washing frequency to save energy and extend clothing lifespan. Avoid tumble drying to prevent fabric damage.

Wash clothes less frequently

Reduce synthetic clothes pollution by using a microplastics filter or washing bag like Guppyfriend.

Filter microplastics

Reduce: Some brands offer free repair services, repair cafes, or online tutorials to help fix clothes.

Make, do and mend