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10 Ways Smartphones Changed Our Lives in the Last 10 Years

Even though you can physically go to the bank to make transactions, mobile banking through your smartphone makes things significantly easier and more convenient.

Mobile Banking

You may quickly shop for food, clothes, and other products from the comfort of your own home by downloading e-commerce apps like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora to your smartphone.

Online Shopping

In seconds, you can download mobile games, audio streaming apps like as Spotify and Apple Music, video streaming apps such as YouTube and Twitch, and over-the-top content platforms such as Netflix and iFlix.


Smartphones, which are GPS-enabled, can be used to access built-in and downloaded web mapping services that show you how to navigate from point A to point B, as well as provide 360-degree views of various sites.


You can reserve a hotel stay or a table reservation with your device by browsing the establishment's website or using a booking app.

Travel and Vacation

Medical apps that are linked to your health care provider, for example, make it easier to locate and book an appointment with an accredited doctor.


However, because you have access to a range of health and lifestyle apps, you may also download software that can help you improve and maintain your mental and physical health.


The number of ways you may utilise your smartphone is growing as smart home equipment, utilities, and devices become more widely available.

Smart Home Control

However, because to technological improvements over the last decade, you can now do so much more in terms of communication.


You can obtain fast access to limitless knowledge wherever you go with your handheld device.  It's all owing to the Internet, the ultimate reservoir of human knowledge.

Seeking and Acquiring Information