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10 Things To Do Before You Adopt a Pet

Find a pet that fits your family and lifestyle. You need to ask yourself (and the people you live with!) how will a dog or cat fit into our life?

Prepare Yourself and Your Family

Go to the shelter & meet the dog or cat you want to adopt. Spending time with them in advance gives you a chance to see if they warm up to you as well. 

Spend Time With pet Before Bringing Them Home

Your home will be a completely foreign place for them, Once you have made the decision to adopt, so carve out some space just for them.

Set Up a Space Just For Them

While orienting new pets, limit their access. Store hazardous items out of reach, remove valuables & give chew toys.

Pet Proof Your Home

Schedule your pet's 1st vet visit ASAP to check vaccines, health issues. Choosing a vet is personal, ask friends, consider clinic size.

Find a Local Veterinarian

Pet care costs with insurance! Average yearly cost is $300-400 + vet visits $200-$5000.  Check Policy, Investopedia, & Consumer Advocates for plan comparisons.

Look Into Pet Insurance

Introducing new pets to current ones is vital. We'll provide helpful tips, tailored to your needs.

Plan to Introduce Them to Other Pets

Dog training teaches communication and hierarchy. Ongoing training is crucial. Find a trainer on Bark, APDT, CCPDT, or Thumbtack.

Find a Good Dog Trainer

Pet care requires ongoing learning & commitment. Bookmark this guide & check out our resources for more info.

Learn... Learn... Learn

Navigating new pet ownership is challenging. Expect mistakes, refer to resources, and ask for advice. Be patient.

Be Patient With Yourself!