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10 must-have Features of Big Data Tools

Big data decisions are driven by results.  Real-time analysis enables scientists to make educated decisions about future strategies and goals.

Easy Result Formats

In this context, data processing refers to the collection and organisation of data in a meaningful manner.  Data modelling is the process of visualising complex data sets in the form of a diagram or chart.

Raw data Processing

The tool should be able to access any system and all related information concerning computer hardware, software, or any other individual computer.

Prediction apps

Businesses can stay on top by utilising reporting features.  Even time-based data should be retrieved and represented in an orderly fashion.

Reporting Feature

For this, there should be an SSO feature, also known as a single sign-on feature, which eliminates the need for the user to sign in multiple times.

Security Features

The fraud analytics still include a number of fraud detection functionalities.  When it comes to fraud detection activities, various fraud analytics are used.

Fraud management

Your data analytics tool must support the most recent tools and technologies, particularly those critical to your organization.

Technologies Support

The version control feature of big analytics tools will undoubtedly improve the ability to track changes and release previous versions as needed.

Version Control

This is always easy to scale-up with big data tools as soon as new data is collected for the company and it can be analysed well as expected.


It is always simple to share data results with developers and data scientists thanks to integration capabilities.  Big data tools always allow for quick integration with cloud apps, data warehouses.

Quick Integrations