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10 Home Design Features for Pets

Even if your dog is regularly groomed, you must clean them up after they romp in the dog park or roll in mud in the garden.

Pet Bathing Station

More chickens equals more fancy chicken coops, because we'd never put our beloved backyard hens in shabby quarters.

Chicken Coops

Even the most well-behaved pets can have mishaps.  That is why hard, impermeable floors make your life easier.

Pet-Proof Flooring

Pet beds strewn about the house are unsightly and take up valuable floor space.  Another option is to incorporate pet beds into cabinets, shelves, and other pieces of furniture.

Build-in Pet Beds

You don't want your pets to enter certain areas of your home, so most of us use baby gates to keep them out. A built-in gate is a better option.

Built-in Pet Gates

If stairs separate your pet from the outdoors, construct a ramp from the door to the garden to make your home more accessible as they age.

Outdoor Ramp

These outdoor enclosures, also known as catios (cat + patios), provide a safe place for your cat to play outside.  The structure, which has a roof and four walls, keeps your cat safe and prevents it from harming wildlife.

Enclosed Cat Patio

Pet doors with rubber flaps and plastic frames that you hack into a door can be flimsy and unattractive.  Fortunately, there are more durable and aesthetically pleasing alternatives.

Built-in Pet Doors

Food and water bowls are unsanitary, so consider installing a built-in pet feeding station.

Built-in Pet Feeding Station

Pet owners prefer single-family homes in the suburbs because they have an outdoor area for their beloved animals to play safely.

Fenced-in Yard