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10 Hidden Benefits of Having Children

A recent study at Brigham Young University discovered that being a parent may actually help lower your blood pressure. 

Children lower your blood pressure

According to one recent study, claiming child tax credits, education credits, and child- and dependent-care credits can save the average family $3,500 per year.

Children entitle you to major tax savings

Many shopping malls, supermarkets, and factory outlets now have parking spaces designated specifically for families and pregnant women.

Children get you better parking

The organisation recently conducted 1,084 random senior citizen interviews and discovered that seniors without children scored 6.4 points worse on a mental health questionnaire than elderly people with children.

Children keep you sane

Kids constantly want to know the answer to a variety of head-scratching questions like, “Why do a cat’s eyes shine in the dark?”, “Why does it smell so fresh after it rains?”

Children renew your thirst for knowledge

Any father will tell you that strolling through a park with a cute infant is the best way to garner attention from the fairer sex. 

Children make you sexier

While that remark has some validity, they fail to recognise that many parents use their children as a handy excuse to avoid undesirable social situations.

Children give you an alibi

Anyone who has children knows how satisfying it is to be told you're "the best daddy in the whole world." 

Children increase your self-esteem

Kids are always engaged in these kinds of beneficial activities, and they invite you to join them. 

Children remind you to stop and smell the roses

Parents have always assumed that having children made them happier, and now there's evidence to back up their assertions.

Children make you happier